Congestion at Chawama clinic riles residents

THE continued overcrowding at Chawama clinic has raised concern among the residents who have  called on the relevant authorities to construct another health facility in the area.

The residents said that the issue of another health centre was an urgent matter that needed to be addressed in order to improve health services  for the people in the area.

They said that the population in the area has been increasing and that was why there was need for a new health facility in the area to help decongest the present clinic.

The residents said that the present clinic in the area has become too small with the rapid population increase.

Ruth Daka, a resident of the area, has charged that a new health facility was urgently needed because people could not wait for a long time to get medical care when they are sick.

Ms. Daka said that the Government through the Ministry of Health should initiate a strategy to construct another health facility in the area.

She said the long queues at the clinic in Chawama are not conducive because sick people require urgent attention as their condition may get worse if they are not attended to on time.

Ms. Daka added that long queues at the clinic could be avoided if there was another hospital they could go to.

‘’It’s our appeal as residents of Chawama that the Government can construct another health facility for us where we can be able to get quality health care because our current clinic is congested and the health workers are not able to attend to all the patients for they are too many,’’ she said.

Ms. Daka said that people needed to have quality health care as access to health was a universal right that should be enjoyed by all.