HH encouraging GBV, says Cosmo

HAKAINDE Hichilema is inciting Gender-Based Violence (GBV) by telling women in the country to deny their husbands sex for belonging and supporting the Patriotic Front (PF), Cosmo Mumba has charged.

Dr Mumba, who is National Revolution Party (NRP) president, said man’s natural and greatest weakness was sex and women who were going to take Mr Hichilema’s advice risk breaking their marriages.

He said Mr Hichilema was blackmailing men by asking their wives to deny them their conjugal rights on account of supporting the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, he said that sex had been a source of domestic violence in many homes and Mr Hichilema should not be allowed to incite wives to deny their husbands sex because of politics.

He wondered why the UPND leader had resorted to immoral acts and strategies of campaigning and warned that Mr Hichilema should leave bedroom activities out of his political campaigns.

Dr Mumba has demanded that Mr Hichilema should apologise to men some of whom would have voted for him had it not been for his careless campaign messages of sexually blackmailing them.

Dr Mumba said Mr Hichilema’s call on women to deny their husbands sex was tantamount to marriage interference and that there was a possibility that the UPND could be sued over the statement.

He said he would never allow his wife to deny him his conjugal rights on account of supporting his preferred political party.

“I am curtly disappointed with president Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the UPND for inciting our wives to deny us sex on account that we are supporting the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Hichilema should use proper means of campaigning and not get into our bedrooms. Man’s greatest weakness is sex and Mr Hichilema is promoting gender-based violence by telling women to deny their husbands sex,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba said Mr Hichilema had run out of ideas in his campaigns and that he was resorting to unorthodox means of winning votes.

And Dr Mumba, who is in Kasama with President Lungu on a campaign trail, said some UPND cadres had gone on rampage beating up PF cadres who were putting on their party regalia.

Dr Mumba said he had gone to Shoprite in Kasama where he had been distributing PF campaign material but that a lot of people were scared of receiving the materials for fear of being beaten.