Rolling stone Scott

DR GUY Scott’s lack of diplomacy, timing and naivity is amazing.

Just when some Zambians were beginning to think the former Republican Vice President was settling down in his new party, the UPND, and that he was getting used to the taste of the watermelon, alas!

The man who founded the ruling Patriotic Front with Michael Sata and pounded at every door as foot soldiers selling the Donchi Kubeba political brand, is at it again: he wants to leave the UPND.

Worse he is announcing his intentions only weeks before the opposition party faces the Patriotic Front in a crucial winner-takes-all election which political pundits believe could end up in one of the closest election outcomes Zambia has ever known.

Dr Scott, regardless of the import of his words, was telling Zambian voters yesterday that he does not believe in the manifesto, 10-point plan or philosophy of the UPND and that he joined the party hoping to ‘‘eat’’,  as Daniel Munkombwe put it, and that he will leave the day the party loses the forthcoming election.

What a manner to campaign for anyone! Dr Scott claims he left the PF to join the UPND because the ruling party ‘‘messed up’’ but says in the same breath that he would not hesitate to abandon Hakainde Hichilema should the UPND leader come short on August 11 for the umpteenth time.

According to the former Vice President, politics is not a ‘‘static game’’ and that anyone was ready to move on should they feel discontented in any political party in which they find themselves.

‘‘If things do not work out for me in the UPND, I will leave and go to a better party and that is just the political life in Zambia. It is all about defecting,’’ he told this newspaper. ‘‘So politics is not a static thing; only for those with no imagination, it remains static. But for us who have imagination, it’s beautiful, it changes all the time just like fireworks.’’

What Guy Scott was revealing to us as his true nature is that he is a rolling stone that gathers no moss. He is ready and willing to jump from one party to another as long as there is a possibility of him gaining something for himself. He is not in politics to serve, but to be served; to benefit.

We know that he did not leave the Patriotic Front because they messed up. He left because he failed to put into State House one of his kind: a member of the cartel that was going to perpetuate their evil scheme of holding the presidency to ransom and take Zambia on the trajectory of manipulation, impunity and State captivity.

Dr Scott is so committed to the ideals of the cartel that he forgets that by revealing that he is on his way out of the UPND, he is betraying the election campaign of his wife Charlotte who wants to replace him as Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central on the UPND ticket. What will Mrs Scott tell the electorate after this huge gaffe by her own husband?

Dr Scott has confirmed the widely-held view that he is not fit to lead and that was why his best friend and comrade President Sata never trusted him with the honour of leading Zambia as Acting President. He is so untrustworthy, disloyal and unstable to be allowed to lead a country even for one day.

When he did by default, the man was a disaster.

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