Violent parties risk being expelled-Chieftainess Ikelenge

CHIEFTAINESS Ikelenge of Ikelenge district has warned that she will expel from her chiefdom political parties canvasing for votes from the electorate using violence as a campaign strategy.

Chieftainess Ikelenge said violence had no place in her chiefdom and that political parties that had the propensity of attacking others risked being expelled from the area.

She said the chiefdom was known for peace and no political party would be allowed to import violence in the area because she did not want his people to victims of political violence

“I will not allow violence in my chiefdom. The chiefdom is known for peace and that peace should be maintained. Any political party that is going to be using violence as a campaign tool will be expelled from my chiefdom. People should be allowed to vote in a free and fair electoral process and chose would be leaders in the next five years without fear or intimidation,” Chieftainess Ikelenge said.

The traditional leader was speaking in the wake of a spate of political violence and abusive language from rival camps campaigning in the constituency.

Chieftainess Ikelenge said she was saddened with the level of abusive and hate speech being propagated by politicians in their campaigns, stating that it was the expectation of the voters that political leaders should compete in ideas of how they would govern if elected.

“I have noted with dismay the exchange of abusive language among political players in my chiefdom. I will not allow that and my advice is that they must stop forthwith,’’ she warned.

The traditional leader had summoned political party leaders in her chiefdom to counsel them about the importance of conducting civil campaigns as opposed to foul language and hate speech.