ZESCO to install load control in homes

ZESCO will soon start installing load control systems in households which will regulate the use of energy by tripping whenever there was an overuse of power.

Company spokesperson Henry Kapata said in an interview that the Repo system to be controlled from ZESCO headquarters would be tripping whenever power usage reached alarming proportions in households.

“Repo control system is all about regulating the use of energy in people’s homes without necessarily interfering with their normal lives. “The system will be tripping whenever the usage reaches alarming proportions in our homes because the regulation will be done at our offices,” he said.

Mr Kapata explained that the system was targeted at regulating the use of household gadgets such as geysers and air cons. “There is need for control of air cons and street lights for the sake of conserving energy and so we shall begin by installing load control switches in our customers’ homes through engaging them as partners.

“It does not make sense, you switch on the geyser the whole night for you to take a bath the following morning. When the water gets extremely hot in the morning, you add cold water. Why not just have warm water and switch off the geyser?” he asked.

He said ZESCO was now at a bidding level for the process and had extended the process for two weeks to allow as many players as possible to come on board.