Husband divorced over wife’s prolonged ailment

By Nation Reporter

A LUSAKA man has lost his marriage in a Lusaka local court for allegedly causing prolonged mensuration of his wife by applying juju on her underwear.

This is in a case in which Alice Lungu, 33, of Misisi compound sued her husband, Jonathan Nyirenda, 42, for divorce.

However, Nyirenda said that he still loved his wife.

The two got married in 2011 and have no child.

Lungu told Senior Court Magistrate Harriet Mbewe sitting with Magistrates Juliet Mwila and Linda Tembo at Chawama Local Court that Nyirenda told her that he had four children from his previous marriage while she also came with her three children.

She explained that problems started in 2013 after Nyirenda failed to bring his children home following complaints about how they were living.

Lungu further said that in 2015, she left for the village for two months and Nyirenda followed her but when they came back together, she was shocked to discover that one of her pants was missing.

“Since my underwear went missing, I have been experiencing prolonged periods. My family said it maybe because of my underwear which Nyirenda got, and when we sat down to discuss, he admitted getting it. However, he denied using it for bad purposes.

Lungu said that it was just as good as killing her and that it was the reason she sued Nyirenda for divorce so that she could go and die at her place as she had lost so much weight.

In defence, Nyirenda said that problems started in 2013 after Lungu ran away with a man whom she claimed was her relative.

He explained that he looked for her in the village, but he later found her in Chilanga with the same man. Nyirenda explained that after he got her from Chilanga, they stayed well for a short time until Lungu started accusing him of having collected her underwear for magical purposes.

Magistrate Mbewe noted that there was no love between the two because Lungu left Nyirenda for two months without telling him and later went to stay with another man in Chilanga.

She said that sicknesses such as hers came in many ways while Nyirenda was not a caring husband.

The court granted the couple divorce.