HH will fail to control the cartel

Dear Editor,

HH is being too naïve in imagining that he can control the cartel if it helps him get into power in August. Many others have failed before and there is no reason why he, an under-five politician can expect to do any better.

In the most unlikely event that HH wins the August elections, the nation can expect the cartel to rebound in national politics with a vengeance which HH will not be able to contain.

President Levy Mwanawasa totally failed to control the cartel because he used their anti-corruption model to try and create a legacy for himself. They made sure he paid very dearly when he tried to distance himself from the injustices that were passing for prosecutions in our courts of law.

He was called foolish, obstinate and at worst arrogant, when he questioned payments that were being Made  to  the Nchito brothers firm- MNB. He was asked if it was his money that was being paid to them.

Zambians will also remember the vehement attacks President Mwanawasa suffered when he fired  their God father Mark Chona.

He was described in all manner of derogatory terms.

This is the nature of the cartel which has now been bruised by the loss of control in the judiciary where they hoped to gain advantage against the Zambia Revenue Authority.

The first thing HH will do  if he wins will be to write off the ZRA debt. This is what President Michael Sata was made to do. He wrote off K16million.

Then he will be made to start a campaign against perceived enemies. If he fails to toe the line he can expect to be vilified in the same manner that President Mwanawasa and  President Lungu have been .

HH is being too naïve and desperate. His attempt to save the Post will backfire on him as it did on others before him. The only person that worked with the cartel was President Michael Sata who could go to the extent of firing judges of the supreme and high court for the sake of pleasing the cartel.

HH must keep clear of the cartel if his political life is to flourish, otherwise he will be consigned to


Morgan Kateule

Prayer is answer to all our problems


Dear Editor,

In the book of Acts chapter 16, we read of a great testimony of motivation to believers and non-believers.

We read that, when Paul and Silas were imprisoned and chained to the ground, they saw it fit and a good reason for such a situation to sing praise and worship the LORD.

They saw the suffering they were in as a reason for their belief, just as they saw their freedom.

No matter what affliction or crisis we may face as a nation, we too can decide to respond to the problem just like Paul and Silas did by turning to GOD in praise and worship.

Pastor Duncan Simuchimba of Kings Church of Kitwe is 100 per cent right to say that it is sad and regrettable for the UPND to continue distancing themselves from national prayers.

Paul in Colossians of chapter 4 verse 2, wrote; “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful”. Also in the book of Ephesians chapter 4 verse 32, we read; “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgive each other, just has in Christ God forgave you”.

My advice to all those distancing themselves from national prayers is that, let’s call a spade a spade of what we all know is of a good call.

The call for prayers is a good call and has been done in good faith for mother Zambia.

I mean, with the many problems Zambia and the world are facing, what more can we surely call for if not PRAYERS.

We hear and see killings, wars, earthquakes, infections like EBOLA and HIV.

Where else should we go to if not to God? Finger pointing and the name calling will just lead us astray.

Let our belief in God see beyond politics. Our solution to the many problems we face is with God.

Another great man who is and should be of motivation to us as we face problems is Job (Job 1:18-22). Despite all that Job went through, he did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

He still had the courage and hope to be firm. We too can be the Jobs of today by still embrace prayer and a good relationship with God and others.

Let us not put a ‘full stop” were God has put a ‘comma’. This is why I am in 100 per cent support to the call for national prayers.

May the ever good Almighty God bless Zambia as we all find favour in his (God) eyes.

Troy Mukupa

Youth should stay away from



Dear Editor,

I wish to appeal to my fellow Zambians; especially the youths to stay away from any acts violence because they will not take them anywhere except the grave.

If President Lungu has said that he is not worth shedding blood for what about the rest of us?

I know that poverty and unemployment is driving many of our young ones into all sorts of activities, including violence.

The youths should stop and think twice before allowing themselves to be used by some of our greedy politicians who have oddly kept their children away from such activities for obvious reasons.

Why should the common man’s children be made to bear all this unnecessary burden of political violence in our compounds?

Please let us all learn to live together in peace and remember that we have one Zambia.

Peace lover, Lusaka

Kachingwe should watch his mouth

Dear Editor,

When Jesus said do not point a log in your friend’s eye when you yourself have two, I am more than sure he had people like Major Richard Kachingwe in mind.

How can Kachingwe of all the people, today stand with his head high and claim that President Lungu’s image was beyond repair as if he (Kachingwe) has any at all?

Admittedly Kachingwe is nothing politically and his voice can only be heard and admired in the Post which is currently being printed in the backyard kitchen to continue insulting President Lungu. I fully understand that every Zambian is free to say whatever they want but some Zambians are just a waste of space. Whenever they open their mouths, they add no value to the wellbeing of the nation. Theirs is to destroy because they are fallen stars. James Hardley Chase would have referred to people like Kachingwe as beetles waiting to be crushed because they are nothing in society. Since the end of his merry-go-round at MMD, Kachingwe has always been attacking people who have not offended him in any way.

I know for sure that he has no political clout left in him anymore and that is he is trying his hand at the sullen opposition with the hope that they can give him something to help him put a plate of nshima on the table.

But as a man of the defence forces family where discipline is high on the wall one would have thought he was going to be the last person to hurl insults on the President, his commander. We have one Zambia and should avoid issuing demagogic language just to appease our pay masters or whoever we want to please  and  for whatever reasons.

I would advise Kachingwe to openly join UPND and save us the guess work of his future plans

Sailota Kazembe,

PF Chawama

UPND in serious panic gear

Dear Editor,

It is  clear to me and  to the other million Zambians out there that the UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema are in a serious panic gear.

I say so because the entire UPND leadership knows that President Lungu is headed a landslide victory. They can only pretend that this they do not know.

The language for a man vying for State House is certainly that of the current Hichilema, an indication that God has already rejected him.

Here is a man who has already rejected the August 11 lections results even before people have gone to vote. Reason?

He knows that he is not going anywhere politically. I dare say now that HH’s political career is buried and over and the sooner he realises this may be the better.

But of course not to be outdone, he has resorted to politics of insults and violence, perhaps to anger President Lungu so much  so that  he (Lungu) may be forced  to either cancel or postpone elections to give him (HH) time to re-do his political plans.

But this will not work because the man (ECL) he is dealing with has already been picked by God and knows very well that short temperedness dwells in a heart of a fool.

HH is coming with sorts of claims of rigging but all these are kicks of a dying horse. The kicks may be devastating but the horse eventually dies. So as we near August 11, watch the behaviour of UPND which will be worse than a hen with a cut off head.

But all peace loving Zambians should stand fast and fight all the spirits of evil because God has made promise with a country called Zambia and will not leave it to evil forces of darkness.

It is vibrant also for all see that there are  those who want to shed blood, but please let us put all out hands together and  stop this blood-thirsty Armageddon.

God bless Zambia.

Godwin Hamakasa