Mutati campaigns for Edgar Lungu


By Nation Reporter

MMD president Felix Mutati has pledged to work with President Edgar Lungu to create more employment in Kabwe.

And Mr Mutati has appealed to MMD Kabwe members to help President Edgar Lungu attain the 50+1 vote in the first round as they go to the polls on August 11 2016. Speaking at a rally at mine ground in Kabwe yesterday, Mr. Mutati said the former ruling party was aware of the challenges being experienced in Kabwe, including those of high unemployment levels.

He believed that MMD working with PF under the leadership of President Lungu would address the unemployment levels in area. Mr. Mutati said the former ruling party still believed that Kabwe which is said be a ghost town would go back to being an industrial town.

He said MMD was aware that the ruling party had worked tirelessly to develop Kabwe but the town still faced high unemployment levels.

He said the former ruling party would ensure that it worked with the PF government and ensure that Kabwe was transformed to being an industrial town.

“Kabwe was an industrial town, we want Kabwe to return to what it was. Kabwe will return to being an industrial town if there is investment, sharing of ideas and hope,” Mr. Mutati said.

He said believed that Kabwe would be included in the seventh National Development Plan start in January 2017 and that the MMD was ready to share its ideas on hÅow Kabwe can be revamped.

“We want Mulungushi Textiles to be revived, we want industries to be revamped,” he said.

He also said it was unfortunate that some few individuals still believed that MMD was dead charging that the former ruling party was still strong and rebuilding.

He however urged PF members  to vote for candidates contesting the forthcoming elections on the MMD tickets because the MMD members will vote for President Lungu. “We have come to work with you, you choose me to be MMD president because you want me to work for you. You choose me to work for MMD because there is power in MMD,” Mr Mutati said.

He said it was prudent for the PF members to ensure that they vote for MMD parliamentary and local government candidates.

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