Body builders in Lusaka for peace

By Nation Reporter

THE messages to the youths to stay away from violence to ensure that peace always prevails should be maintained, says chairperson for Body Builders Peace Maker Association Peter Kunda.

Mr Kunda said body builders were known for violent activities, but his team was for peace among the citizens of Zambia especially the youths.

Mr Kunda, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) youth member, said any youth perpetrating violence would be flushed out because they did not represent the aspirations of President Edgar Lungu to maintain a peaceful Zambia.

Mr. Kunda said the Head of State had made it clear that he wanted a free, fair and peaceful election devoid of violence.

He said those who claimed to be his followers would be betraying him if they resorted to fighting their opponents when they felt provoked.

He said the suspension of political campaigns for 10 days in Lusaka and Namwala districts accorded the peace makers team an opportunity to sensitise youths of Lusaka West area to refrain from activities that dented the image of the ruling party.

“We don’t want the youths to be victims of political violence. As PF youths in Lusaka Province, we will always strive to maintain peace in line with the President’s directive,

“And I would like to encourage my fellow youths to desist from engaging in violent activities when faced with conflicting ideas because democracy is about respecting other peoples’ views even when you don’t agree with them, ‘’ said Mr Kunda.

And Mr Kunda said as Body Builders Peace Makers, it had managed to put up an office in Lusaka West, Namalombwe ward which would benefit the youths in the area

He charged that some UPND members had also defected to the PF because of good policies that the party had.

Mr Kunda, however, thanked the Chinese firm Aggregate Arobatros Mining Company for having employed 19 youths from the community.

Meanwhile, Mr Richard Muvuma the area chairman recommended the peace makers for being the ambassadors of peace.