GBM warns ZAF


GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba has complained that the UPND campaigns in Luapula are being frustrated by the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) which has allegedly denied the opposition party landing rights.

Mr Mwamba said it was proving to be very difficult for the UPND to get landing rights from ZAF command and that the campaigns had become difficult. Mr Mwamba said while the Zambia Police had allowed the UPND to continue with their campaigns, the ZAF command was allegedly denying the opposition party landing rights in most parts of the province.  He said the electoral laws allowed all political parties to be present and campaign in any part of the country and the refusal by ZAF to grant the UPND landing rights in Luapula was a violation of the electoral laws. Mr Mwamba said all political parties should be allowed to sell their messages and manifestoes without any form of hindrance and appealed to the ZAF command to resist the temptation of taking partisan lines in executing their mandate.

He claimed that the refusal by the ZAF command to grant the UPND landing rights in Luapula was politically motivated and meant to ground their campaigns.

He has, however, vowed that his team would continue with their campaigns despite the difficulties and was going to get as far as they could to meet and sale their messages.

“My team and I continue with our campaigns in Luapula and the northern part of the country. We are, however, facing challenges to carry out our campaigns on the ground as landing rights from Zambia Air Force (ZAF) are proving difficult. The Zambia Police has given us a go ahead with our campaigns and rallies in the province but the ZAF command is procrastinating in granting us landing rights,” Mr Mwamba said.