PF Bwana Mkubwa aspiring candidate promises development

By Nation Reporter

PF parliamentary aspiring candidate for Bwana Mkubwa Jonas Chanda says the area is totally neglected despite housing an industrial park for Ndola district.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Chanda said since the time the country attained independence, the only development the area had witnessed was construction of roads under the PF government.

He said the population of 80,000 has had to access basics such as education, maternal and medical care from the neighbouring constituencies because the area lacked a hospital, schools and a police station.

He said that the past leadership failed to capitalise on the corporate entities that the constituency housed through corporate social responsibility which would have brought about transformation.

He said his vision, if elected, would focus on development through improvement of social services and upgrading the area through planning under the local authority.

Dr Chanda said that the constituency had seven wards of which 80 percent of settlements were rural set ups because establishments were unplanned.

He would work with the local authority to ensure that all large settlements that had been de-gazetted such as the Old Regiments and Mackenzie were serviced with basic infrastructure.

Dr Chanda said unemployment was also a major challenge that he intended to tackle, adding that the current leadership had a policy of early childhood which was critical for human development before entering high school.

He had projected at ending unemployment by engaging the corporate world and donor communities to finance establishment of micro model projects that would be identified which would accommodate women.

“Every youth in Zambia has the potential but just the failure to identify opportunities is what is a barrier to many who can have space in the small and medium enterprises,” he said.

He would use his experience from the various platforms that he was involved in countries such as Botswana, South America and Rwanda where he witnessed community innovations grew into major projects and created employment for a pool of youths.

He was passionate of bringing service to the Bwana Mkubwa constituency because he was acquainted with the challenges by virtue of having been born and breed in the area and practiced as medical doctor in the district.

Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kabwili has urged aspiring (PF) candidates at parliamentary and local government to be of service to the communities once voted into office.

Speaking at a rally in Mushili – Bonano, in Ndolas’ Bwana Mkubwa constituency, Mr Kabwili said if the candidates were elected and started to show selfish motives, he would not hesitate to force them out of office.

He urged the electorates to vote for the leadership of the ruling party if they wanted to see continuity in development.