Towe calls for help

…to rehabilitate the rundown learning institution

By Nation Reporter

TOWE community school in Kanyama West area has appealed to Government and well-wishers to come on board and help them rehabilitate the school infrastructure which is in a deplorable state.

The school which was named after the Towe stream, a tributary of the Zambezi River in North-Western province is a community school which was formed in 2009 by people who were either infected or affected by the HIV/ AIDS pandemic.

School treasurer Josephine Makina said the school was opened to help orphans fight stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS in and across Zambia.

Ms Makina observed that due to the poor state of the school and facilities, the situation had contributed to poor academic performance by pupils.

“Our pupils are not motivated because of the poor learning facilities. We don’t have desks, so some pupils just sit on stones while others on the floor.

“We have intelligent pupils but how can a child perform well when they are learning in an environment where they sit on the floor. They get tired and lose concentration,” she said.

Ms Makina bemoaned lack of teaching aids such as the new revised school syllabi which helped pupils understand easily as well as lacked text books.

She said if pupils had school text books, they would have been performing well academically but unfortunately the situation on the ground was depressing.

Ms Makina said that some teachers conducted their classes under trees because the classrooms were not enough to cater for the growing population at the school.

“Some pupils just learn outside in the sun or even under some trees because the classrooms that we have are not enough to cater for our growing population,” she said.

Ms Makina appealed to Government and well-wishers to construct them a classroom block and help with any donations that would change the state of affairs at the school.