720 hector land for irrigation to be launched


 AGRICULTURE Minister Given Lubinda has disclosed that government will soon launch the 720 hectares of land for irrigation in Nansanga farming block in Serenje District.

He said the irrigation scheme in the district would to be run by the Zambia correctional services. Mr. Lubinda disclosed this in an interview with the Daily Nation.

Earlier this year, Mr Lubinda had announced that government had plans to set up Irrigation Schemes by the end of the year to enhance crop production in the country.

Mr. Lubinda indicated that the irrigation schemes would support farmers in the country.

He urged Commercial and small scale farmers in Serenje to take advantage of the scheme to improve their crop production.

“The irrigation program has already started as promised, and as a matter of fact, any time from now President Edgar Lungu should go and assist me to commission the 720 hectors irrigated farm in Nansanga farming block in Serenje district to be run by the correctional services.

“We gave a grant to the correctional services and we also gave the Zambia police and the Zambia National Service to go into irrigated agriculture,” Mr. Lubinda said.

He reiterated that the Ministry of Agriculture under his administration would ensure that the agricultural sector became the major contributor to the country’s economic development.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is a facilitator of development; we are not the ones who go farming. Our job is to facilitate and as you can see things are moving, we are not only talking, under me, the Ministry of Agriculture is walking the talk and will ensure that we contribute largely to the development of this country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda who is also Patriotic Front (PF) aspiring Kabwata parliamentary candidate has reaffirmed that he was not intimidated by the perceived stiff completion for the seat.

He observed that among his competitors, he was the best candidate for the seat, because he was the only one with experience, as he had served the constituency for the last 15years.

“All the time there has been competition and I don’t think that there is any calls for feeling intimidated this time. I think I am the best candidate because of all those who are contesting am the only one who has been tested and proven. I don’t have to tell people my wish list, all I have to tell them is the things that have done and my work will speak for itself, whereas for others, they have to go and learn what it means to be a representative of the people.

“There is one who has been a councillor before and claims that he knows what it means to be a councillor, but I don’t think he can claim to know what it means to be a member of Parliament. For others I don’t even know if they have had any leadership positions in their lives, so I cannot be intimidated, am very comfortable,” Mr. Lubinda said.