Lungu assures marketeers of continued support


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says his government will continue empowering Zambians through the presidential empowerment fund once re-elected into office because he wanted to uplift the lives of all Zambians across the country.

And First Lady Esther Lungu said she has halted her women empowerment programme during this period because some politicians had started politicising programme by alleging that it was meant to solicit for votes for the Patriotic Front (PF).

Speaking during a public rally at the Presidents Park in Luwingu yesterday, President Lungu said it was illogical for the opposition to tell the marketeers that it would stop the project if they won elections and that those who had already benefited would not pay back because the loans were a revolving fund scheme.

He said the opposition was jittery towards the empowerment of Zambians because they were selfish as they only wanted to enrich themselves while the majority suffered.

“This initiative for marketeers will continue because we want to empower all Zambians. The opposition is saying they will halt it when they come to power and allow those who have already benefited not to pay back. Honestly, is there sense in that? This money is not coming back to government but it is a revolving fund in which marketeers give loans to each other to empower themselves,” President Lungu said.

And president Lungu assured the people of Luwingu that government will facilitate the construction of a filing station in the area to alleviate the fuel challenges the area was facing.

He said it did not make any sense for people in the area to travel as far as Kasama to fetch the commodity.

And speaking at the same event, First Lady Esther Lungu said her women empowerment programme will resume once elections are over.

Ms. Lungu said she had visited eight provinces so far since the programme started adding that she would visit all areas to acquaint herself with the challenges women were going through to find ways of alleviating them.

“I have so far visited eight provinces out of 10 and I want to promise you that I am still coming here to continue my programme. I only halted it because some people started saying that I was soliciting for votes for the PF,” First Lady Esther Lungu said.