A PROPOSED governance agreement has been unearthed in which UPND President Hakainde Hichilema will be compelled to create the position of Prime Minister to singularly appease former MMD president Nevers Mumba should the opposition party win the August 11 Elections

This is contained in an agreement relating to the pact between the UPND and former MMD leader Dr Mumba which is supported by a memorandum of understanding signed on May 25, 2016.

The two parties have also agreed that the passage of legislation would be subject to a Whip in both parties and that the Prime minister would be the leader of government businesses in the National Assembly and shall be a member of Cabinet.

Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema agreed that should the UPND form Government a motion would be moved in parliament in the first 90 days of government stating the intention to create an administrative portfolio of Prime minister of the Republic of Zambia through the amendment of the Constitution.

According to a document in the possession of the Daily Nation, a close consultation between the president and his cabinet, Prime Minister and other members of the UPND and MMD parties would be the foundation of the pact-government’s success.

In the pact, the document says the principal balance of power would underpin both parties approaches to all aspects of the conduct of the Government’s business including the allocation of responsibilities, policies and legislative program.

The initial allocation of cabinet, special adviser and Constitutional office appointments has been agreed between the two parties which states that the general applicable principal in all such appointments was that of full consultation and full frank disclosure by all parties.

It was further agreed that both the president and the prime Minister would agree on the nomination of the law officers which includes Judges and other Constitutional office holders. The establishment of cabinet committees, appointment of members and determination of their terms of references by the President would be the sole responsibility of the President.

The signing of the Memorandum of understanding was witnessed by UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and MMD National Secretary Reuben Sambo.

When contacted for a comment, Dr Mumba could not deny or confirm the power-sharing plan between the MMD and the UPND.

Dr Mumba however said he did not want to give the Daily Nation the story because the newspaper according to him was supporting the MMD led by Felix Mutati which he claimed was illegal.


  1. Efyo cabal efyo no wander ba Mumba ba kosela iyee mayo.
    Tile Mona uko tu leya mu Zambia .
    Elyo ba kA ba tamfye mawa!

  2. appointing Nevers Mumba as prime minister is one of hiding GBM’s incompetence.HH knows his running mate can hardly handle question and answer sessions in parliament.what a vice president he can b.God save us.U cant have uneducated bunch of pipo running gvt.ngachaisa shani bane.

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