Guard against opportunists after State House-Kapata

By Nation Reporter

PATRIOTIC Front chairperson for elections Jean Kapata has called on the people of North-Western province not to be used by opportunists after State House.

Speaking at a rally in Solwezi at the weekend, Ms Kapata said it was time the people in the region changed by not being used as ladders by selfish individuals who were thirsty for Plot One.

“There are these people who think they own all of us here in North-Western province, and we are now saying no to them and yes to development,” she said.

Ms Kapata, who is tourism minister, said North-Westerners should not waste their time by casting votes on people who kept on losing.

“In 1996, they lost. In 2001, they lost. In 2006, they lost. In 2008, they lost. In 2011, they lost. In 2015, they lost. Even in this year, they will lose,” she said.

She said this year’s elections were unique because they would be conducted under a new Constitution.

“Any presidential candidate is supposed to win by the majority, which is 50+1. What it means is that if 1,000,000 people cast their votes, any president should have over 500,000 votes to win.

“So let us go flat out and bring more people on board so that we give our President Edgar Lungu enough votes,” she said.

She also appealed to the people in the province to continue with the peaceful campaigns ahead of the August 11 polls.