Jeunesse invests US$50,000 in anti-aging products in Zambia

By Nation Reporter

JEUNESSE GLOBAL, a multi-billion dollar company which deals in anti-aging products, has been launched in Zambia with an investment of over US$50, 000.

According to company representative Joshua Shaw, Jeunesse Global was one of six companies in history to develop such products in less than 6 years and the first in the network marketing industry.

Mr Shaw, who is also an independent distributor for the company products, said Jeunesse Global had spent over US$50,000 to launch its presence in Zambia.

“Our company has spent between US$50,000 – US$100,000 to launch our company in Zambia. I am spending close to US$6,000. We deal in anti-aging products that are years ahead of anything on the market.

“We are a network marketing company that operates in 130 countries and made US$1.1 billion last year alone. We are one of 6 companies in history to do so in less than 6 years and the first in the network marketing industry,” he said.

Mr Shaw, however, said his company had been present in Zambia, Lusaka city, for a year and a half doing business seminars in local churches.

He also said Jeunesse Global would this month meet stakeholders and the public to discuss the company, its products and compensation plan for the Zambian market. According to the company, it combined breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhanced youth by working at the cellular level.

By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, the company helped people enjoy vibrancy and youthful results that lasted.