Load shedding in Matero getting out of hand


The issue of load shedding in Matero has now become more political than anything else. I know some areas in Lusaka which have never experienced any loading for months now, but why is Matero at the worst of ZESCO’s loading programme? Is it because it was the home of disgraced Miles Sampa that we are made to suffer or someone wants to annoy us so that we don’t vote for President Lungu next month?

Concerned resident



UPND prayer blasphemy


Mr. Charles Kakoma, the so called UPND spokesperson, you cannot say prayer is a waste of time! To me, that is blasphemy and God will punish you for that. If anyone in this world doesn’t put God first through prayers, that person is a living dead and belongs to the hades.

Danny street vendor,

Kulima tower




Zambians should not vote for UPND


Zambians should not vote for UPND in the August 11th elections because the opposition party has always exhibited traits of hating religion and have once again refused to participate in the national day of prayer called for by the church.

Zambian voter



HH’s advice to women on sex reckless


HH’s call for women to deny their husbands their conjugal rights if they choose to vote for the PF is misplaced. Hakainde’s thinking capacity is making me wonder how someone aspiring for a high office could stoop so low and advise women to deny their husband’s sex. My question to HH is, ba tata ba HH, are you going to marry all women should their husbands decide to divorce their wives for denying them their conjugal rights?





Does HH care about Zambia?


If HH did care about our country, he would have advised greedy politicians not to sell our mines for a song during privatisation programme.

 Arnold Kauya Simpemba, Bulangililo Township,





Poor state of roads in Obama area


It’s surprising to see the bad state of roads in Obama area and nothing is being done even though the area is a planned settlement. We equally pay land rates to the Ministry of Lands while we cannot see any development.

Concerned citizen




Mulenga Sata lost in a political jungle


Mulenga Sata is a disappointment to the people of Zambia. Why is he still in politics? This is the same man who was given the opportunity to contribute to our national development but his selfish desire made him resign from government and join UPND.  Today, he is busy wasting his time trying to get back in government which he left on his own. Mulenga Sata is the unseen guest at every meal because he sees life where there is no life. Ba Mulenga, UPND will never help you to get back into government again. Just come, the boat is waiting to move you from Lake UPND to PF!

Allan Asamoah, Lusaka


Sontapo’- it is a good unfinished slogan


Are the PF cadres aware that they are the ones who will pay for sontapo through the high tax rates coming soon? Excitement without a vision is tragic. Wake up Zambians! Sontapo is your burden to carry and pay by giving away our natural resources to foreign investors resulting in an economic crisis.

Cliff H S, Lusaka