Learn to use pre-paid water meters, consumers told

WATER consumers in Lusaka should familiarize themselves with the pre-paid water meters to understand how they function, says Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company public relations manager Topsy Sikalinda.

Mr. Sikalinda said the water utility company came up with meters because some people were having challenges with the old metering system.

He said people were responsible for ensuring that they looked after their meters and buy units on time.

Mr. Sikalinda said that the pre-payment meters were the responsibility of the owners who should know how to manage them.

“The pre-payment meters are not costly but the responsibility falls on the people to know how they are supposed to be managed,’’ he said.

Mr. Sikalinda was responding to complaints from some Chaisa residents who were alleging that the meters are too costly for an average Zambian.

Some residents called on the water utility company to allow people go back to the old water meter system, alleging that they were more cost effective than pre-payment meters.

Mary Banda, a resident of Chaisa, said that people were having challenges familiarizing themselves with the new meters because they were costly for ordinary people.

Ms. Banda said that people did not always have money to buy units and were forced to go for days without water when they ran out of the tokens.

She said the old water system allowed people to have water even when they did not have money because they were able to pay at the month end.

“The old systems allowed us to have water despite owing balances to the utility company because we were allowed chance to pay at a later date without being inconvenienced,’’ she said.

Ms Banda said water was important for people’s survival and they should not be subjected to not having water in their homes just because they were not able to buy pre-payment units. -Millennium Radio 90-5FM