Negative people with negative energy

Dear Editor

There are far too many negative people emitting negative energy in our country, so much so that we do not realize the wonderful resources and atmosphere that we are enjoying as a country.

The most disappointing are the quality of opposition campaigns which make no reference whatsoever to the gains that this country has made in major areas of the economic, social and political sphere. Our economy is doing so well after surviving major global shocks including the sharp decline in copper prices, drought and devastating collapse of the Chinese economy.

Countries with a similar profile as our have gone into a tailspin as evidenced by what is happening in Venezuela, Angola and nearby Zimbabwe.

Instead of appreciating the effort our opposition are busy promising to “kontolola”.

What will they “kontolola” when Edgar and  his Minister of Finance Mr. Chikwanda have not only cushioned the country from the worst effects of the global crisis, but have put in place discussions with the IMF and World Bank to ensure take off after recovery. Surprising tax evaders who cannot even manage their companies are loud and aggressive in their dismissive attitude suggesting that the Government is leading the nation astray.

I would like to appeal to the economic association of Zambia to be more proactive and show people gains we have made in the economy in spite of the challenges we face.

These negative people should be treated with the contempt they deserve because they are not adding anything positive to the national effort and striving that has seen us come this far.

That negative energy is a sickness that needs healing with prayer.

Samuel Chanshi