Nyamuka Zambia plans ahead

By Nation Reporter


ENTREPRENEURS have been challenged to drive change that strives to enhance productivity and competitiveness in Zambia’s private sector to deliver inclusive economic growth.

Nyamuka Zambia Officer, Namaya Mbikusita-Lewanika said Nyamuka national business was holding a conference insights with notable business speakers from across a broad spectrum of industries to challenge hundreds of entrepreneurs on the need to innovate and drive change, in a challenging economic environment.

Ms Lewanika said the conference was a key part of the Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition, which sought to unleash entrepreneurial talent across Zambia and to promote diversity, especially by encouraging more women and young people to enter the entrepreneurial space in Zambia.

“The theme  ‘achieving entrepreneurial success and growth during challenging times’ couldn’t be better delivered than by the entrepreneurs who have already walked it, who understand the market, who know the path these up-and-coming entrepreneurs are travelling on,” she said.

She said the conference aims to celebrate and promote awareness of existing innovative solutions that have been deployed in Zambia, in addition to motivating attendees to create more innovative solutions to overcome the challenges in Zambia.

“The business conference was a definite success in providing entrepreneurs with the building blocks to move their businesses forward and transform them into sustainable enterprises that will create jobs, wealth, and contribute towards the growth of the Zambian economy. We are thoroughly pleased with the turnout,” said Ms Lewanika.

The competition was launched in March, receiving and overwhelming response with more than 600 people applying, from which 60 semi-finalists were selected last month to go forward to the next stage of the competition.

The Nyamuka National Business Conference provided a platform for conference-goers, including semi-finalists, other entrepreneurs and growth-focussed SMEs, to interact with each other and leading entrepreneurs in Zambia, actively learning from their experiences.

Zambia’s brightest entrepreneurial stars met at the Nyamuka Zambia National Business Conference share the secrets of achieving entrepreneurial success and growth during challenging times.

The conference – now in its second year – brought together hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders to share and learn business insights from top performing entrepreneurs.

Some 30 high level speakers from across a broad spectrum of industries, including Zambia’s fastest growing sectors counting financial technology, agriculture, fast-moving consumer goods, construction, as well as other industries such logistics and challenged entrepreneurs to innovate, and drive change.

And Department for International Development (DFID) Head of Mission, Emma Donnelly, urged  the participants to be courageous and participate in building the nation.

“Half of Zambia’s population is under 16. Three hundred young people join the labour market every day. This represents a fantastic opportunity for Zambia but – if sufficient jobs aren’t created – also a risk. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses – like many of you here today – should be the driving force behind Zambia’s growth, and you have the greatest potential to create the jobs that are needed,” said Ms Donnelly.