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THE Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) has been challenged to explain circumstances under which a forged certificate bearing the name of UPND Vice-President for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GMB) was processed by the Council but which certificate did not go to the ECZ because Mr. Mwamba produced a higher qualification.

The forged certificate was obtained in Harare, Zimbabwe, at People’s College in 1983 a year in which according to sources the school had not been established.

The school was said to be a rundown community establishment. And now tourism minister Jean Kapata has demanded for the disqualification of all candidates from the August 11 general elections for submitting forged Grade 12 certificates to acquire public offices.

Ms Kapata said that people who used forged Grade 12 certificates needed to be disqualified as they had fraudulently acquired higher qualifications using fake documents.

Ms Kapata, who is minister of tourism and Mandevu PF aspiring Member of Parliament (MP), said that politicians who forged a simple Grade 12 certificate were not worthy to be leaders because if they were given a mandate to run the affairs of the nation, they would grossly abuse their powers.

“The issue here is that the Examinations Council of Zambia ( ECZ) allowed for either a Grade 12 certificate or a higher qualification but the bone of contention now is for those who used fake Grade 12 certificates to acquire a higher qualification.

“Such leaders cannot be trusted to run for higher offices and I demand that they are disqualified in the race. I wonder what would happen if they assume offices, the level of abuse they would embark on when they can forge something as simple as a Grade 12 certificate,” she said.

She was aware of a political leader who used a forged Grade 12 certificate but opted to submit a higher qualification to the ECZ.

She appealed to law enforcement agencies to do their work independently but to expedite their investigations as such people with forged certificates were a disservice to Zambia.

Ms Kapata urged Examination Council of Zambia and the Electoral Commission of Zambia to collaborate and bring to book culprits involved in the vice.

She urged Zambians to vote for trustworthy people in next month’s polls, stating that a person who would not be trusted over small things could not be trusted to run for public office.

“I would like to implore law enforcement agencies to collaborate as well as expedite investigations in this matter because such people were a disservice to Zambia,” she said.

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