UPND and their ‘We will fix it’ boring song


It is sad to see HH, GBM, Miles Sampa, Dr Scott, Nevers and Mulenga Sata busy deceiving the people of Zambia with their “We will fix it” campaign. There are so many countries in the world that are facing economic challenges. HH must know that running a business is not the same as ruling the country. Before he thinks of fixing our economy, let him first fix his business like what Aliko Dangote from Nigeria has done.



National development for all


This national infrastructure and mass development is for us all Zambians, opposition parties inclusive. It is taxpayers’ money, not PF money. Opposition parties are failing to ‘‘sontapo’’ because they hate development directed by others.

Cliff H.S

HH scared of losing election


HH is scared of losing this year’s August 11th general elections because it is his last term and that is the reason why he is doing everything in his power to accuse the President Edgar Lungu that he is praising violence when he is preaching peace in all parts of the nation. Let not the UPND deceive the people of Zambia because we are seeing what is happening.

Unknown citizen,


Politics of insults, fights out


Politics of insults, fights and even killings because the other person belongs to another party in uncivilized. Zambia being a democratic nation entails that peoples’ choices should be respected at all costs by every Zambian. Politics of throwing stones and hate speeches were done during the colonial days. Fellow Zambians, let us move forward not in reverse gear as though we are cars that can go into reverse.

Saxon Banda,



Sylvia Masebo and her watermelon strategy


I wish to comment on Sylvia Masebo’s revelation that her party has opted for a watermelon strategy as a Don’t kubeba part 2. As a PF member, I feel they are late to put their strategy into effect. We wish everyone had the PF regalia because we know whose advantage that will be. They can contact our party secretary general Mr. Davis Chama to help with our material. We look forward to seeing the effect of that strategy.  PF is ready to eat the watermelon.

PF supporter

This is for ECZ


I am deeply surprised with the way the ECZ is handling the peace accord. Firstly, the ECZ is biased and are favoring the PF. How do you call for political parties to sign peace agreement when the political play ground is not even? They closed the Post because of unpaid taxes yet Daily Mail, Times and ZNBC are owing ZRA huge amounts of money but are going scot-free and are campaigning for PF. How can you claim that you want peace? We are tired of reading PF news. Shame on ECZ.

Mweemba Simuliampondo


 Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu


To our president Mr. Edgar Lungu, I wish you can declare 10th, 11th and 12th August, 2016 as public holidays for mass voting to have 50 plus 1%. VIVA EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU,

Ras Willie,


ZESCO lacks customer relations


Can ZESCO explain what is happening to power in the northern parts of Matero which has been without electric for two days.

There are rumours that a transformer blew up. Can they confirm that instead of just keeping quiet as if everything was normal? Customer relations are important.

Matero resident