Let’s vote for peace and development


Dear Editor 

The opposition elites and a few frustrated individuals in Zambia know they cannot win in a free election and so are looking for an opportunity to delegitimise or distort the electoral process and impose themselves instead.

The fact is that although the opposition and a few urban elites can mount significant anti-Lungu campaigns in Lusaka and the South, the majority of the population especially the rural poor, support Lungu’s policies and party. And for good reasons.

PF government since 2011 have carried out a range of policies aimed at improving the standard of living of the rural poor in particular.

Measures PF have taken between 2011 and 2016, such as Farmers Support Programmes, livestock service centres, dams, the funding of rural social projects, village development programmes such as expanding the road and electricity network, the provision of free health care and a significant expansion of the education system, have been extremely popular with the mass of the Zambian population.

Further, under PF, income among the lowly paid has improved and income inequality has fallen significantly.

The health care programme increased access to a larger per cent of the population, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is falling.

Other measures have included to fund education programmes, and a range of economic projects, all aimed at alleviating rural poverty.

Sadly, the opposition elites have become increasingly alarmed by the achievements of the PF, as these have begun to raise confidence especially among the rural poor.

In an escalating attempt to remove Lungu’s government, the cartel and urban elites formed an alliance.

This alliance, strong in the South and among the rich few in Lusaka, but weak elsewhere, is campaigning against PF pro-poor policies.

This is further encouraged by concerted media campaigns claiming that Lungu has failed to govern.

But one thing is clear: the Zambian people have shown that they support the PF to run the affairs of the country.

Whatever the shortcomings, if any, progressive forces are standing for a victory for Lungu.


Mukuka Chilufya

Chambishi Mine