I’m grandma of HH, EL -Nawakwi

I AM grandmother of the leaders of United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF) and the two should not dismiss my prominence in politics, Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi has charged.

Speaking in Ndola yesterday, Ms Nawakwi said it was an electoral offence to insinuate that one was deceased or had pulled out of the race or joined another party when it was not and accused the UPND of maliciously claiming that she (Nawakwi) was out of the presidential race.

Ms. Nawakwi stated that the tactics by the UPND were aimed at twisting minds of her party followers and electorates that had made up their mind to vote for her as the first female president in Zambia.

‘Both UPND and PF know the main factor in the upcoming general elections and people of Zambia are saying we will vote for a woman president. I am in the presidential race to win  as FDD leader and I am older than both Hakainde Hichilema and Edgar Lungu in mind, age and politics, said Nawakwi’.

Ms. Nawakwi stated that she and her party had gained ground in all parts of the country and attained support even from those in rural parts of Zambia.

She charged that crowds should not be used to weigh candidate’s popularity with electorates because if that were the case, late Anderson Mazoka would have become president as well as the current leader of the UPND.

Ms Nawakwi challenged leaders in the political race to embrace respect for each other as all were presidential candidates from whom Zambians were going to elect their leader for the next five years.

The FDD leader said her party’s manifesto of decentralization, which she said was  aimed at development and wealth creation at household would be the blue print of her govderning if elected.

And Peoples’ Party (PP) leader Mr Mike Mulongoti who has endorsed FDD leader Ms Nawakwi stated that failure by the ruling party to take into account priorities in sector development had turned Zambia into construction site leaving the treasury empty.

Mr. Mulongoti said he had decided support Ms Nawakwi because the FDD leader was a pragmatic and focused leader.