Lungu warns against voting for mega promises

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned Zambians against falling into the temptation of voting for political leaders who are making mega promises they would not be able to implement if voted into government because the country is economically and politically safer and secure under his leadership.

President Lungu observed that some politicians did not mean well for the country because their only ambition was to take over the governance of the country at all costs.

The Head of State cautioned that some political leaders were being driven by selfish political ambitions to take over the leadership of the country and use State resources to enhance their personal business.

President Lungu was speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally at Mumbachala Secondary school in Ngabwe district.

“A leader should be humble and live to the truth. They are saying that they are going to fix the economy but how will they do that when they have not even consulted the people of Zambia what their needs are? Zambians should not be cheated by someone who does not even know what it means be leader, “President Lungu said. He urged the people of Ngabwe to vote for the PF in next month’s general elections for continuity.

The Head of State promised that he would ensure that the area received unprecedented development like other parts of the country, saying that every Zambian deserved a decent life.

He said he would continue with the vision of late President Michael Sata of bringing development to rural areas and reducing poverty.

“Everyone deserves a good life as long as they are Zambians.  Late President Sata’s vision was to develop rural areas by transforming them into districts. I can assure you that I will continue with his vision. We want to empower people especially farmers. We shall continue constructing good roads because we do not want people to take advantage of poor road network to exploit people,” President Lungu said.

And speaking when he addressed a rally at Kapiri Market in Kapiri Mposhi district, President Lungu reiterated the need for peace.  He urged Zambians to remain peaceful during elections, saying that violence that had characterised the campaigns in the last few weeks could easily scare away investors.

The President cautioned Zambians against entertaining political leaders whose modus operandi of assuming State power was violence, slander, malice and hate speech.

“We need to embrace peace because if we do not, how are we going to attract investment? Some politicians are just there to bring confusion in the country but, as PF, we will maintain the peace our former leaders had maintained over the years,” President Lungu said.

And PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri urged women in the two districts to vote for President Lungu and PF.

Ms Phiri said President Lungu chose a female running mate in the name of Vice-President Inonge Wina because he realised the role that women played in the country’s development.

“For the first time in Zambia we have a female running mate and this shows how passionate President Lungu is about women.

Do not vote for a party whose presidential running mate has a record of violence” she said.

And former Republican Vice President Enock Kavindele said President Lungu deserved a full mandate to prove his ability.