Lungu’s support not tribal-Mpezeni

THE support for President Edgar Lungu should not be misconstrued as tribal because his endorsement is based the belief that the Head of State should be given his own mandate to complete his developmental agenda, Paramoubnt Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has said.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Chief Chanje of the Chewa-speaking people in Chipata have clarified that the endorsement of President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) should not be mistaken to be tribal.

The two traditional leaders said the endorsing of President Lungu was purely based on their strong belief that the ruling party should be given another mandate to continue its developmental agenda.

Speaking when Eastern Province PF campaign committee member, Mr Lameck Mangani paid a courtesy call on him at his palace, Chief Mpezeni said that President Lungu was like a new vehicle which does not require servicing a few days after it is bought.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni said President Lungu needed to be given more time to continue


with his developmental programmes he had embarked on and warned that a change of the country’s leadership would see some of the developmental projects abandoned.

The Paramount Chief Mpezeni said he was able to see developmental activities across his chiefdom and other parts of the country and that there was no need to start changing government leadership just for the sake of it.

The traditional leader said there was need for Zambians to give the PF and President Lungu more time to develop this country because the Head of State had demonstrated a true desire and dedication to improve the lives of citizens.

“President Lungu is like a brand new motor vehicle and no one buys a new car and immediately begins servicing it. Our endorsing of President Lungu is not based on the miscued notion of tribe but purely on the basis that there is need for continuity. We cannot be changing the country’s leadership for the sake of it.

We have developmental programmes that are being implemented and if there was change of leadership, there is a danger that some projects could be abandoned,” Paramount Chief Mpezeni said.

He said everybody should rally behind the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu because of the massive development that had been undertaken in the last five year.

And Chief Chanje assured Mr. Mangani of President Lungu’s victory and urged the ruling party not to get worried because people in Chipangali constituency were behind the ruling party.

Chief Chanje also told Mr. Mangani during a courtesy call paid on him that the message on the referendum was well received and people were ready to vote ‘YES’.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mangani appealed to the two traditional leaders to help disseminate information to their subjects about the importance of voting in an election.