Male MPs have been a letdown – NAREP

NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) parliamentary candidate  for Nchanga constituency  in Chingola, Judith Kabemba,  says time has come  for the electorate  in the area to vote for the first ever woman parliamentarian  because men have failed to develop the area for many years.

Ms Kabemba said no female Member of Parliament had ever been elected in Nchanga constituency but that time had come for the people to break the jinx and have a female representative in Parliament.

She said it was difficult for women to voice out their opinions in the National Assembly because the former male parliamentarians had failed to represent them effectively.

Ms Kabemba said a woman candidate in the constituency was their only hope because she understood the challenges communities were going through as they were the ones who took care of homes.

“It would be useful for the women in the constituency to vote for me because I am not just a woman but a mother who understands what the community and the entire constituency needs,” she said.

Ms Kabemba said if elected she would strongly support the women in the constituency by ensuring that job opportunities in various sectors of industry were available for the female gender.

She said she would ensure that women in the informal sector were empowered with soft loans from the commercial banks located in Chingola in order to expand their businesses.

“Women are cardinal to the development of the country and therefore they have to be given an upper hand in positions of decision-making for the country to continue prospering,” Ms Kabemba said.

She said for more than 50 years the women in Nchanga constituency had rallied behind male parliamentarians but they had over the years been a letdown.

The Nchanga parliamentary aspirant said the constituency was faced with challenges like job losses for the men and women who used to work in different mining companies after being laid off by their respective mining firms citing, operational challenges.

Ms Kabemba said if voted into office on August 11, she would ensure that she organised training workshops on life survival skills for both women and men who lost employment in the mines to enable them have business ideas on how to generate income.

She said she would also introduce vocational and youth training skills centres in every township in Nchanga constituency to keep the youths busy in order for them to stop engaging in illicit activities that could ruin their lives.