M’membe dupes chief

A BEMBA chief who agreed to give Fred M’membe a huge tract of land in exchange for a simple village house, got nothing.

And now, Sub-chief Chama Nkulungwe of the Bemba-speaking people of Shiwang’andu district has accused Mr M’membe of duping him.

Instead, the Post Newspaper proprietor has built a mansion on the land while chief Nkulungwe and his subjects are wallowing in poverty.

In an interview, the traditional leader explained that Mr. M’membe asked for land in Mwika village of Shiwang’andu district with a promise that he would construct a school, a clinic and build a house for the traditional leader in exchange; but that he has not been seen since being given the land.

“Mr. M’membe came together with the MP for our area Stephen Kampyongo promising that he would build a house for me. But up to now, he has not fulfilled the promise until the MP came back and assisted,” Chief Nkulungwe said.

Chief Nkulungwe complained that Mr. M’membe has since built a mansion on the land allocated to him in Mwika village, off the shores of the Chambishi River, where he sometimes holds meetings with Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba.

He said that the mansion and the entire premises were on a 24-hour guard by Rainbow Party members clad in party regalia who sometimes harassed the local people perceived to be PF sympathisers.

And Shiwanga’gandu PF parliamentary candidate Stephen Kampyongo revealed that he personally took Mr. M’membe to the traditional leader and was present at the time The Post newspaper proprietor made the


promises to the chief when acquiring the land.

Mr. Kampyongo, who is Local Government and Housing minister, said Mr. M’membe had failed to fulfil the commitments he made to the traditional leader in exchange for the land.

‘‘I brought him (Mr M’membe) to Mwika village and even took him to Chief Nkulungwe. He even started making promises that I do not want the MP to have anything to do with the schools, saying he will work on them himself,” Mr Kampyongo said.

‘‘That small newspaper company he writes for has now been closed. We did not know that tax meant for Government has been used to build the mansion here,” the minister added.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr. M’membe failed.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Party presidential candidate Mr Kabimba dismissed the allegations against him by the traditional leader.

Mr Kabimba said he had never met the traditional leader in question nor had he ever travelled to Shiwan’gandu.

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