Name, shame candidates with forged G12 certificates, ECZ challenged

TRANSPARENCY International Zambia (TIZ) has challenged the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) to report candidates vying for public office with forged Grade 12 certificates to police.

TIZ has also challenged the ECZ to cause the publication of the names of the candidates who had presented forged certificates so that Zambians should know who the fraudsters were.

TIZ executive director Goodwell Lungu said in an interview yesterday that it was not only alarming but also disappointing that such a high number of candidates vying for public office were involved in examination fraudulent activities to obtain their Grade 12 certificates. Mr Lungu said that he believed that persons who aspired to be in leadership needed to uphold integrity, accountability and honesty, stating that public office bearers needed to exhibit a high level of moral responsibility at all times as it was a prerequisite to good governance.

“We believe that men and women who aspire to be in leadership need to exhibit a high level of moral responsibility of integrity, honesty and accountability as it is one of the prerequisites to good governance,” Mr Lungu said.

He has called on the ECZ to report all candidates from presidential, running mates, Parliamentary, Mayoral as well as Councillor level whom were found wanting to police for possible arrest and prosecution.

He said a full publication of the names of candidates who forged their academic and professional qualifications in the press so that citizens could be aware of who was cheating his way into public offices.

“We call on the ECZ to report all the candidates who presented forged Grade 12 Certificates to the police for possible prosecution. ECZ should also consider causing the publication of a full list of their names so that they are exposed to deter would-be offenders to realise that fraudulent activities do not pay. It is also important that Zambians know who these offenders are.

“It is disappointing to know that 100 forged school certificates were handed in by people of low integrity who wanted and actually almost occupied high office using fraudulent means, “he said.

Mr Lungu said that the clause in the Constitution as well as the screening process by the ECZ was meant to compel persons who aspired for public office to go to school and desist from fraudulent activities.