Opposition leaders engineers of unemployment, poverty-Veep

VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has said some opposition leaders who are promising that they will create employment if voted into government on August 11 were the engineers of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which resulted into the closure of companies and job losses during the time of the MMD.

Ms Wina said during the SAP, which was engineered by some opposition leaders, a number of companies like Dunlop and others in Ndola and other parts of the country were closed and many people were thrown into the streets and became destitutes.

The Vice-President said during a public rally at Wusakile ground in Kitwe yesterday that it was mere political rhetoric for some opposition leaders to claim that they would create employment and fix the country’s economy when they contributed to the high levels of unemployment in the country.

“Some of these opposition leaders who are promising you that they will create employment if you vote for them on August 11 were the engineers of the SAP, which resulted into the closure of the companies like Dunlop and others in Ndola and others parts of the country. They were actually the architects of unemployment in this country but today, they are claiming to have solutions to unemployment, poverty and hunger when they contributed to this unemployment, poverty and hunger,’ Ms Wina said.

The Vice-President also advised the retrenched miners not to listen to the lies of opposition leaders who were saying that they would bring Anglo-American Corporation (AAC) to re-employ them if voted into government.

She said it was the same AAC which ran away from Zambia when it was needed most by the miners and the country at large until the government found new investors, among them Vedanta Resources which has invested in Konkola Copper Mines in Chingola, Chililabombwe and Nampundwe.

She said, apart from running away from Zambia, AAC was also facing the same challenges of low copper price, which other mines around the globe were facing and promises by the opposition leaders that they would re-employ the former miners were blatant lies by the desperate opposition leaders.

“AAC is also facing the challenges of low copper price at the World market which other mines is facing and has closed some of their mines. They have 95 mines World Wide and have closed 45 remaining with 50 mines. They have retrenched 85,000 miners. So promises by the opposition that they would re-employ the retrenched miners are blatant lies which the retrenched miners should not listen to. As PF, we are equally worried about the job losses in the mining industry, but it is beyond our reach. This is why we are empowering ex-miners with land,” she said.

She urged ex-miners and the residents of Wusakile to vote for President Edgar Lungu on August 11 because his government was firmly on course towards achieving economic recovery and national development as evidenced by infrastructure development such as roads, schools, hospitals and others.