‘I can’t take care of a child who is not mine’

A MAN has told a Lusaka local court that he could not take care of a child that was not his because his lover told him that he was not the father.

John Malama, 30, of Kanyama compound was testifying in a case in which his lover, Sylvia Chilufya, 20, of the same compound sued him for child maintenance.

Chilufya told Senior Court Magistrate Esther Mulomba sitting with Magistrates Abbishine Michelo and Lewis Mumba at Kanyama Local Court that she stayed with Malama for eight years and he did not pay dowry.

She explained that Malama could not refuse the responsibility of the child because she got pregnant when she was in his house.

Chilufya explained that they differed on many times and that was what forced her to leave him, adding that then the child was one year old. The child was now three years old.

In cross-examination, Chilufya said that Malama did not find her with any man and did not frequent bars as alleged.

In defence, Malama said that he knew Chilufya as his wife but that he found her with a man who she said was the father of the child. Malama explained that Chilufya was coming home at 22.00 hours most of the days and that he reported her to her parents but she could not change.

When asked by the court if he would maintain the child in question, Malama said that he could not do so as he was not the father.

Magistrate Mulomba, however, ordered Malama to be paying child maintenance fee of K250 per month and that if he doubted paternity, he should go for DNA test.