I want presidency, says Nawakwi


THE forthcoming general elections are not about how opulently rich some of the candidates are but the best ideas of how Zambia is going to be governed in the next five years, Edith Nawakwi has charged.

And Ms Nawakwi has said that some opposition political parties had been concocting malicious lies that she had been offered a ministerial job by President Edgar Lungu because reality had dawned on them that they would not be able to win the general elections under the 50 percent plus 1 majority vote prescribed in the amended Constitution.

Speaking when she featured on Sun FM Radio in Ndola on Thursday, Ms Nawakwi claimed that some presidential candidates had declared themselves winners of the forthcoming general elections even before the vote was cast because they were being deceived by the artificial crowds they were pulling at their rallies.

Ms Nawakwi has advised presidential candidates to adequately prepare their minds to accept the outcome of the general elections next month. She said all presidential candidates and their political parties were canvassing for votes but that there had been a culture where leaders abandoned citizens after being elected or even worse deliberately forgot the promises they often made to the people.

Ms Nawakwi said other presidential candidates were promising that they would fix the economy but had failed to tell Zambians how they were going to mend the country’s economy.

“This election should be about ideas and not who is mightier with money and more violent. If crowds were everything, late Anderson Mazoka would have won the presidency during his time. There are those of us in the race who believe they have already won and I want to remind them of what happened in 2008 when late president Michael Sata declared that he had won and would not accept defeat. Violence erupted in Marapodi Township,” Ms Nawakwi said.

Meanwhile, FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has described opposition political party leaders spreading rumours that Ms Nawakwi had been offered a job as nothing but charlatans whose motive was to detract the FDD presidential candidate from her vision of taking over the leadership of the country.