Ngabwe district in critical shortage of teachers – DC


NGABWE district commissioner Melody Phiri has revealed that more than 53 teachers who are teaching in Kapiri Mposhi and Kabwe are on the pay roll of Ngabwe district.

Ms Phiri said the 53 were initially posted to Ngabwe district but had left the area through transfers because they did not want to teach in rural areas.

She has demanded that the Ministry of General Education should remove the said teachers from the Ngabwe district teachers’ pay roll because their appearance was giving a wrong impression that the district had enough teachers when, in fact, not.

“Ngabwe district has a critical shortage of teachers and it is my hope that in the next recruitment programme, the district will be given priority. Ironically, however, we have more than 53 teachers who are appearing on the Ngabwe district pay roll but they are either teaching in Kapiri Mposhi or Kabwe. These teachers must be removed from the Ngabwe district teachers’ pay roll because they are creating an impression that we have a lot of teachers when, in fact, not,” Ms Phiri said.

Ms Phiri said education standards in rural areas should be improved to match those in urban areas so that rural children could equally have access to quality education.

“Not even one teacher was posted to Ngabwe district despite having a critical shortage of teachers and also bearing in mind that we have newly upgraded schools which need teachers to teach various subjects.

“I feel that our children in remote districts are precious and deserve the same attention given to children in urban areas in terms of good education standard to help us develop and reduce poverty. So I hope that in the upcoming exercise my district will be considered,” she said.

And Ms Phiri has commended government on the education and health developmental projects being undertaken in the district.

Ms. Phiri observed that the district had seen tremendous improvement in the two sectors since the Patriotic Front (PF) came into power in 2011.

She told the Daily Nation that a number of schools were being constructed and that community schools were being upgraded to primary schools to be taken over by Government.

“So far over four community schools are under construction and community schools are now being upgraded and these have seen construction of new classroom blocks. Among the schools that are being upgraded is Daniel Kalebuka Primary School, Kangwigwi Primary School, Chibobo Primary School, Mumbachala Secondary School and Ngabwe Secondary School among others,” Ms. Phiri said.

She also pointed out the construction of health posts, staff houses and a pharmacy which were almost completed as some of the health projects being undertaken by Government.