‘No one can marry me after I have become barren’


A 27-YEAR-OLD woman pleaded with Lusaka Local Court to reconcile her with her husband because no one can marry her as she has become barren after giving birth through caesarean section.

This is in a case in which Rose Mumba, of Kanyama compound, sued her husband, Zachariah Mwewa, 39, a security guard for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2009 and have two children.

Mumba told Senior Court Magistrate Esther Mulomba sitting with Magistrates Abbishine Michelo and Lewis Mumba at Kanyama Local Court that in October 2013 when she fell pregnant, Mwewa refused responsibility and accused her Asian employer of impregnating her.

She explained that she bought clothes for the baby on her own and after she gave birth through caesarean section, unfortunately, the child died.

Mumba said on February 22, 2015 she left the matrimonial home and went to live with her parents because they wanted to bring peace in their home.

She pleaded with the court to reconcile her with Mwewa because no one was going to marry her as she was unable to conceive after the caesarean operation.

In defence, Mwewa said that he differed with Mumba and that on February 22, 2015 she stabbed him with a knife in the head and left the matrimonial home.

Mwewa explained that Mumba only resurfaced after two months and showed him where she was staying.

He further told the court that Mumba chased a relative he was staying with and that at one time she came with charms in an effort to force herself into the house.

Mwewa further said that he did not want to reconcile with Mumba because she was a danger to his life and had taken to the bottle and dagga smoking.

Magistrate Mulomba said that Mumba and Mwewa were just cohabiting since dowry was not paid and dismissed the case.

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