POST goes to Church


THE attention seeking gimmick by the Post Newspaper of relocating to the Cathedral of Child Jesus has been condemned.

Fred M’membe could have moved his workers to his house, but chose instead to make a spectacle to attract international attention, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama has charged.

On Friday, the Post Newspaper sought sanctuary at the Cathedral of Child Jesus claiming that it feared attacks from the PF cadres.

“Mr M’membe should pay what he owes the Zambia Revenue Authority instead of trying to drag the Catholic Church into self-created indebtedness, Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama said The Post Newspaper had been operating freely, publishing and selling its newspaper on the streets and that no one had ever harassed them.

Mr Chama said The Post Newspaper journalists and their boss Fred M’membe should not drag the name of the ruling party into the problems they were facing with the ZRA over the K53 million tax debts.

Catholic Church Vicar General Fr Mukunta when contacted for a comment on how and why the Church had offered The Post Newspaper sanctuary said the matter had already been sorted out and could not elaborate how.

Fr Mukunta referred all other queries to The Post Newspaper and could not state whether the newspaper had vacated the Child Jesus Cathedral or were still operating from the premises.

“The Post should not drag the PF into their problems with ZRA. We are a peaceful party and The Post has been operating, publishing and selling their newspaper and no one has harassed them.

“Why are they imagining things? No Post journalist has been harassed and the problems they have with ZRA have nothing do with the PF. We do not want to get involved in their indebtedness and let them deal with it instead of dragging the PF into their problems,” Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama refused to be dragged into making comments on why the Catholic Church had provided sanctuary for the newspaper, stating that the ruling party did not want to discuss the matter.

Mr Chama said the ruling party was not interested in talking about The Post Newspaper which had over the years been avoiding paying taxes to ZRA.