Police insurgency

THE ploy to draw the Police Service into the current political fray is a very cynical effort to undermine state authority.

The Police are an integral arm of the law and order, an apparatus which should operate without political, sectional or indeed sectarian interest. It should enjoy the respect and confidence of all Zambians.

By portraying police as an aggregation of disgruntled UPND cadres, the propagandists are playing the divide and rule ploy intended to plant the seed of suspicion among the majority of the Zambian people.

As a command organisation, officers are expected to obey orders implicitly, without considering their own personal interests. Institutions of national Governance are invariably common interest bodies that provide service without discrimination.

There is no doubt that in showing that police officers are inclined to the UPND, the Police want to draw hostility towards the service thereby making service delivery more difficult.

The scheme is bluntly meant to inflame emotions and hopefully make Zambia ungovernable.

Any strife in Zambia will undoubtedly benefit those who have issues with the law. They would rather Zambia was in flames from which status they would benefit by delaying and perhaps permanently forestalling the long arm of the law that stalks them.

An orderly Zambia especially with President Lungu in control spells their doom as he has shown a singular determination not to interfere with processes of law or statutory obligation. As a lawyer he realises that statutory structures must be allowed to operate without political interference.

This is a position which HH does not seem to appreciate or understand.

Preoccupied with the single thought of securing power this august he has been building alliances and relationships with all manner of groups.

As a government institution, the Zambia Police Service must be non-partisan and loyal to the Government of the day. They ought to be neutral and act way above petty politics.

The need for police officers to work professionally and adhere to the code of ethics in such a critical election period is obviously known. It is so that they are seen to act with a high sense of impartiality to fearlessly pursue justice.

Their calling is noble by virtue of being vanguards of our country’s peace and security. As such, police officers must always bear this in mind.

Much as they could be working under very difficult conditions, it is not professional and right for some of them to fall prey to the machinations of the opposition political parties and disgruntled media institutions.

The stakes to have a disloyal and compromised Zambia Police are too costly to contemplate in the sense that law and order is thrown to the whims and caprices.

When the officers align themselves to a preferred political party, this does not only erode confidence in Government but also among the opposition political parties participating in this year’s general elections.

Inadvertently, such a situation is a recipe for violence, knowing that the supposed vanguards of our nation’s peace and security would have taken sides with a small disenchanted and power-hungry group of politicians. This proportionately threatens the rule of law and the core of our democracy.

And a breakdown of law and order is not what a right-thinking person should desire for this country.

What has to be realised is that such an unacceptable state of affairs does not only create a problem for the current Government but it would be a burden even for whichever political party that would form government after the August 11 polls.

The level of insurgency displayed by the few has to be dealt with firmly. Government must ensure that they investigate the reports expeditiously and discipline the officers who will be found wanting in order to restore public confidence in the Zambia Police.

Police officers, like other citizens of this country, enjoy the right to exercise their right to vote for the national leaders on 11th August. Thus, it is a blatant lie that they are not allowed to vote. The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) provides for adequate mechanism to allow them exercise this right.

Is this how much the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has infiltrated key government institutions to cause division in this country?

It is in this vein that the police command should probe this matter thoroughly and those found wanting brought to book.


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  1. What is this? An editorial? A news report? A propaganda piece? Who is the author? Are you guys at the Daily Nation so cowardly you cant come out to state a stance or at the very least answer the questions above? The reasoning in the article seems sound enough for anyone who wrote this to reveal themselves. Why be scared if you are speaking sense?

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