Post wants uprising

THE promotion of insurgency among security officers must force State action to act and preserve peace and security in the country, which has come under threat, the Church has warned.

It was unacceptable, against the law and a display of utter disregard for the rule of law to display police officers with party political symbols at a time when the country was heading for elections, Reverend John Mwendapole has said.

Rev Mwendapole said there was no excuse for government to allow insurgency by an institution that was already under siege and garnishee, but was operating with impunity and disregard as if there was no security apparatus in the country.

“The police and other security personnel are the custodians of peace and security in the country but here we are being told that the Zambia police have disgruntled police officers working with the opposition and we are acting as if all is normal. Things could be much deeper than we are being informed,” Rev Mwendapole warned.  He said should trouble break out in the country, there would be no room to hide and the most innocent citizens would suffer the most, as has been the case in countries where the rule of law has been undermined by the media for political expediency.

Rev Mwendapole stated that the image of police flushing UPND potent symbol of insurrection within security forces, which would spread insecurity, fear and disregard for the law and would in the extreme create violence.

“In English, they say the last kicks of a dying horse are dangerous and the Post Newspaper knows it is dying and want to cause chaos and insurrection in the country. They paraded the so called police officers in their edition yesterday just to cause confusion in the police service,” Rev Mwendapole said.

He said police officers were expected to take command and obey orders but it had become clear that the police service had been infiltrated by the UPND cadres who were using police uniforms to alarm and scare a legitimately elected government.

Yesterday, the Post Newspaper published the picture of five individuals purported to be police officers whose faces were covered by UPND campaign posters that bore the image of Mr Hichilema while stating that and they were tired and frustrated by the PF government and would therefore vote for the UPND leader.

But Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said the police had launched investigations to establish whether the individuals who were paraded in the Post Newspaper yesterday belonged to the Zambia Police Service.

Rev Mwendapole however said the Post Newspaper was and had been a danger to the peace and unity of the country as the newspaper’s agenda had been to inflame the emotions of citizens so that they could revolt against government.

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