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National Day of Prayers for Peaceful elections

Dear Editor,

I am taken aback by this mindless obsession with the number of people who turned out for the day of prayer called by the Church, as a determinant of whether the prayers were successful or not.

The success of prayer is not necessarily about how many people prayed and the words that people used etc.

It is about the posture of the people who were praying and the intention behind it.

Mathew Chapter 18 vs 19.20 reads:

19Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. 20Forwhere two or three gather together in My name,there am I with them.”

So it would have been sufficient for only 2 people to congregate in the show grounds for that prayer for peaceful elections to be successful and to be heard.

But once again our problem in this country is that we want to judge everything by or own skewed measure or standard.

I am very sure that God did not send anyone an SMS saying he was dissatisfied with the turn out on Sunday.

Shame on the hypocrites. Concerned Citizen


UPND and Armageddon

Dear Editor,

The kind of violence which is being exhibited by opposition UPND has reached frightening levels and if police do not double up their efforts, one can safely say that the promised Armageddon by its leader Hakainde Hichilema will be hard to contain.

Sadly though, the people bearing the burden of this are totally innocent and have very little to do with politics apart from being simple voters.

The story, therefore, in the Daily Nation about UPND attack on poor Kasaya villagers in Mwandi in Western Province is extremely ill-fated and must be roundly condemned by all peace-loving Zambians.

Zambians should be extremely careful who they want to put in power because some of our political leaders are certainly callous tyrants in disguise.

I mean how can a high-level political train lead by our own Mr Hichilema behave in the manner it did? Like typical barbarians!

The whole episode was shocking and the sooner someone advises the UPND, the better for the whole country.

If the whole notion by UPND is to make Zambia ungovernable and force President Lungu to declare a state of emergency, so be it because enough is enough.

Mr Hichilema who appears to be livid over what he alone knows must be told in no uncertain terms that violence only begets violence and at the end of the day no one is a winner.

If he chooses to bring violence to this nation, he can also be rest assured that he has kissed his presidential ambitions goodbye forever. He should know that in the event of civil strife, his farms, houses and other forms of wealth will also go up in flames because that’s what wars do.

It is not too late for him and his party to turn to God and begin to preach peace and he will receive peace and kindness from Zambians-not the other way round.

Joe Zembeka, KITWE


Politicians promoters of tribalism

Dear Editor,

Just the other day, we were discussing with my friends what President Lungu’s chances in the forthcoming elections in Southern Province are.

Somehow, we all unanimously agreed that our President was probably wasting his time in that region because there was nothing that can change the people there.

Whatever happens, they will always vote for a fellow Tonga because the party was founded on tribal lines.

It is just a matter of time and President Lungu will realise that what he thought he could achieve in Southern Province is all a mirror in the desert.

But just like a man of God, President Lungu has not allowed the issue of tribe to overtake his thoughts as a good leader and has visited the province with the same vim.

Surprisingly, while this tribal talk is going on there, the rest of Zambians are mixing and marrying freely in the Tongaland which simply means that it is politicians who see and promote tribalism for their personal gain.

Today it is not strange to hear of names such as Hamoonga Mwanza, Sichibeta Chanda, Chisamba Lungu etc.

So it is clear for me that it is politicians who want to promote tribal wars in Zambia not the ordinary Zambians.

Paul Zimba


God’s visitation over Zambia

Dear Editor,

It may be worth noting that while others perceive such a happening as a halo which appeared around the sun when President Lungu stood up to speak during the national day of prayer held at the Lusaka Agriculture Show grounds on Sunday 24th July, 2016 as divine visitation, others by word of their mouths, saw it as an evil force.

Ideally, the interpretation may all be a consequence of where we stand.

For example; suppose such a phenomenon happened when GBM or HH was speaking; what would PF cadres say? And what would HH cadres say?

The danger in which we find ourselves as a highly polarised nation is that; we have all idolised our political leaders to the extent that they are now standing between us and God.

They have become such essentials to our being that they have occupied the position which only God is supposed to occupy in our lives. To this, each one of us is his own witness.

As for me and my house, with or without President Lungu, GBM, Nawakwi or HH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is also God of Israel, visited Zambia on Sunday.

Mukuka Chilufya, Chambishi Mine Township

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