Dog lovers advised to vaccinate their pets

PEOPLE keeping dogs should ensure that their pets are vaccinated against rabies to avoid deaths resulting from dog bites, says Lusaka provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama

Dr. Malama said that it was important that people looked after their dogs to ensure that rabies was eliminated by the year 2030.

He said rabies was one of the major causes of death because most dogs were not vaccinated and posed a big health risk to people.

Dr. Malama said the fight against canine rabies needed concerted efforts of relevant authorities, dog owners and the general public.

He said the tendency of having too many dogs should be put to an end as it also contributed to the increased number of rabies cases.

Dr. Malama said people should ensure that the dogs they kept did not go beyond the legally prescribed number. “The case of rabies is a serious matter that affects a lot of people and that is why we are working on ensuring that it is curbed by the year 2030’’, he said.

Zambia will on September 28 be commemorating World’s Rabies Day under the theme, ‘educate, vaccinate and eliminate rabies’.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM