Mwanakatwe warns Lusaka residents against acts of violence

PATROTIC Front (PF) Lusaka Central parliamentary aspiring candidate Margaret Mwanakatwe has cautioned party members against engaging in any form violence.

Ms Mwanakatwe warned that violence by PF cadres could be perceived to be contrary to the message of peaceful campaigns that President Edgar Lungu shared during the National Day of Prayers.

She said she would continue to sensitise her members especially the youths of Lusaka to desist from violence even after the elections.

“I would like to send a strong message to all the youth in Lusaka Central. We need to do everything possible not to conduct ourselves in a manner that will take away from the message of President Lungu,” she said.

Ms Mwanakatwe said the youths and other leaders vying for leadership should ensure that they emulated President Lungu who had been demonstrated what he meant by his words.

Ms Mwanakatwe believed that President Lungu’s leadership was blessed by God considering that under his presidency, the nation had yet another successful prayer meeting at the Show grounds.

She urged other leaders from the opposition political parties to sensitise their supporters and also to emulate President Lungu’s calls to end political violence.

She said Zambia was a Christian nation and that the PF government should live in unity and peace according to Christian values.

Ms Mwanakatwe urged the youths not to retaliate whenever they were provoked by the opposition because the party was peaceful.

And Ms Mwanakatwe said once elected, she would ensure that women and youths especially from Bauleni were empowered by introducing soft loans.