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Campaign of diabolical insults

Dear Editor

As a Zambian who has grown up with traditional values, I find it very depressing that the campaign language by the opposition especially GBM and HH are completely devoid of reason but full of insults.

They say the PF has failed. What has it failed to do which they are going to correct and how will they correct it?

Instead of attacking these issues we are being told of the President’s pot belly; surely who has a pot belly between President Lungu and GBM?

It is about time that the Electoral Commission of Zambia studies the vulgar language that is being used in this campaign period because it is inimical to the interest of good order and civility.

Vulgar language will not take the country anywhere. If anything it will eat at the fabric that binds our common humanity and aspiration. In other words we must act in a manner that is fully appreciated by all people in order to make sense and meaning of whatever activities we engage in.

Politics is a very distinct activity with its own terminologies which must be respected in the manner it is being practiced. Those wanting to preach politics must use issues to convince their audience, and not insults.

Insults do not add to dialogue. They take away the ability to exchange views and instead foster confrontation, which is always negative.

Edward Khondowe.

Voting UPND into power will be a disaster


Dear Editor

Can HH, GBM and the UPND fix the economy without God’s help?

Leaders who don’t fear the Lord don’t deserve to rule our country.

HH’s comments on sex and national prayers clearly tell us that he is not fit to rule our country.

We all know that a nation that seeks God in times of trouble will be rescued by the Lord’s hands.

UPND knew that we would also pray for violence which has been caused by its cadres, hence staying away from prayers.

HH and his cadres don’t want to repent and that is why they wanted to discourage us from attending national prayers but thanks to the Lord who used Edgar Lungu to make that day a success.

We will continue seeking God’s presence in times of challenges because the Bible tells us to do so.

Edgar Lungu fears the Lord and on Judgment Day he will sontapo pa development. Ba HH baka sonta ama company bachitile privatize. Allan Asamoah,


Dr Nevers Mumba should seek God first

Dear Editor,

Allow some space to comment on one Dr Nevers Mumba, the former MMD leader who appears to have lost direction and like a bird released from a prison box, he is hitting everywhere recklessly.

Since his exit from MMD the man has never been the same.

Instead of concentrating on consolidating his stay in his new found village UPND, he has continued directing his arsenals at wrong targets.

It is not true that it was President Lungu or former republican president Rupiah Banda who are to blame for his current political woes.

He made them and now it is only payback time.

It is in this vein that I totally agree with former Zambian diplomat to Nigeria Christine Phiri who has said Dr Mumba has now become a UPND stooge.

Dr Mumba as a man of God, if he still is, should know better to have respect for leaders whom he is now falsely accusing.

And whether he likes or not, he has kissed MMD goodbye forever and Felix Mutati is now in charge. That is life.

They say if you keep the poison in your heart, it will hurt you more than the person you intended to give it to.

Let Dr Mumba concentrate on ‘developing’ UPND which is apparently not going anywhere and this will be proved on August 11.

If Dr Mumba had listened to the people and go for a convention, he may have been given a chance to continue as MMD leader.

But alas he chose to be immovable and go the other direction and is now reaping the consequences of not listening to advice.

I think for him it is a double loss. He has lost MMD and his church. That is how God works if we become stubborn and I hope he has learnt his lessons.

For now he should just humble himself before God who is more than ready to forgive him as he does for others because he is a God of love.

Concerned  citizen


HH in end times 

Dear Editor,

It is now abundantly clear that Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND has lost it all.

Like Jesus said ‘you will know them by their fruit’, HH has become number one ‘insultant’ in Zambia today because he knows he cannot ascend to power as he stands condemned.

But surely to insult President Lungu that he has grown a pot belly like a frog is indescribable affront from someone vying for State House.

That was a savage slur and in any case who does he (HH) eat with to become so livid with the Head of State? Stories are bountiful about his alleged failure to look after his workers well.

It also simply shows that HH has completely run out of ideas if he had any in the first place.

That language can only come from a mouth that has never seen the corridors of a school. You do not insult your leader in that manner.

I wonder how he would feel if the same was said about him. These are truly the kicks of a dying horse.

To President Lungu I wish to appeal to him to continue with his statesmanship and never lose his temper.

What HH wants is to create mayhem in the country so that the elections can be postponed because he has already seen that he will be walloped in the first round.

Those who plant insults will reap insults and HH is no exception.

As for M’membe I think the police have handled him with kid gloves.

He is the one illegally printing those insults and he should be made to pay for them.

The police have a good starting point. Let them arrest and prosecute all those found selling the Post newspaper.

Both the Post and HH are displaying their end times which are days away. I can bet M’membe will be a prisoner sooner or later. Mark my words.

Lastly President Lungu should probe HH’s wealth after he has been sworn into office for a fresh five-year term.

 Paul Muyunda, Kafue

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