You are an idiot and a fool, GBM tells Kapeso

GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba has threatened to fire and arrest ‘fool’ and ‘Idiot’ Northern Province police commissioner Bonney Kapeso once elected in the August 11 elections.

Speaking during a radio interview in Kasama, he said that he would make sure that Mr Kapeso was arrested and prosecuted unless he produced evidence that the UPND were manufacturing petrol bombs at Mr Mwamba’s residence in Kasama.

Mr Mwamba, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate, warned that the Patriotic Front (PF) should be ready to go through hell that the accused UPND cadres were passing through and that they would be killed just like they had done to a UPND supporter.

“19 days to go. Kapeso you will be answerable, tukakutwala kuchilye (will take to court) and if you won’t be able to produce evidence against us, you will be jailed. PF be ready to be treated the way you are treating our people, just the way you are killing us, beating us and those 28 innocent UPND cadres you jailed, so will it be done to you,” he charged.

Mr Mwamba alleged that according to intelligence report, the PF were planning to incarcerate him and consequently kill him.

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2 Responses to “You are an idiot and a fool, GBM tells Kapeso”

  1. VICTORS says:

    Who is this Kapususu called G.B.M? Why do we tolerate him? To have have money does not mean your mouth should be open anyhow. Chikateni ici chaya sana.

  2. SENIOR BINO says:

    Such a leader to think of retaliation once in power!! Hey! Think of late Mandela(MHSRIP) who even had to pardon those who mistreated him in prison. You are campaigning to improve Zambia. But how do you do that with threats of retaliation?? Indeed you are in RED ZONE gbm. To hell with your retaliations. You are a failure in leadership circles.


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