Fisho Mwale promises to put value on arts

Aspiring independent mayoral candidate for Lusaka Fisho Mwale plans to set up arts and cultural centres in Lusaka once elected into office.

Speaking in an interview at the Zambezi Magic first birthday celebration in Lusaka on Wednesday, Mr Mwale said he values the arts and was happy that Lusaka is the hub of artistic events.

“As you know I have a huge artistic background and most of you remember me from my involvement in the Kora Awards some years back. Arts and culture is something that I am passionate about and this is the more reason I plan to set up arts and cultural centers in Lusaka,” he said.

“This is something that would generate interest in our many creative youths that are earning a living through art.”

Mr Mwale said he was very passionate about working with young people through arts and culture because it was an attractive platform for them to express themselves and share various challenges. He appealed to young people to come out in numbers and vote for leaders who share their vision.

The former mayor of Lusaka is seeking a second chance in office using  his massive experience in business and public administration to win support. He is keen to promote what he terms a ‘cadre-free council and cadre-free service delivery’.