MAZ to probe underweight mealie meal cheats

AN internal investigation into some milling companies selling underweight mealie meal is underway to ensure the situation is corrected, says Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) chairperson Andrew Chintala.

 Mr Chintala, who described the situation as unfortunate, said in an interview that the internal investigation was aimed at ensuring that milling companies found wanting adhered to the requirements.

“MAZ is currently investigating the matter. We have the mandate to ensure products are of correct weight, so there could be one or two issues relating to that but the millers have admitted that there could be something wrong,

“As MAZ, we will take internal measures to deal with the millers accordingly although there is nothing much we can do because they have already been fined,” he said.

He said the duty of MAZ was to ensure that the situation did not repeat itself.

Mr Chintala, who defended the millers, said packing underweight mealie meal was not deliberate as these were big companies which produced 20 tonnes of the commodity per hour while others produced 15 tonnes respectively.

“Our duty is to ensure they have corrected the situation to avoid a repetition of what just happened; so as MAZ will go in and ensure the compliance is adhered to and up and running because these are small issues,” he said.

He explained that sources of scales used to weigh the commodity differed hence judging millers using scale that inspectors used were unfortunate.

Mr Chintala however encouraged its members to frequently check their commodity to avoid a repetition of what happened.

“Our appeal to our members both involved and not involved is that you need to make sure that we keep checking our scales so that we continue supplying consumers with the right product,” he said.

Recently, the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) fined some milling companies for selling underweight mealie meal.