Today’s letters to the editor

Tax offences against the people of Zambia

Dear Editor,

The promotion of insurgency among security officers is a highly sensitive and serious issue but is not banning a clandestinely published Post Newspaper a bit of a stretch?

The Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) leader Wright Musoma seems to think so.

He recently warned that ZRP would effect a citizen’s arrest on anyone who would be found selling the Post Newspaper on the streets because they were allegedly promoting illegality since the media house was closed by ZRA and by law were not supposed to be producing and selling the tabloid (Daily Nation, July 27, 2016).

Surprisingly, it has taken more than five weeks to reach this conclusion, but is it the right one?

Certainly not for the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who has entered into a mutual understanding with the Post Newspaper for coverage in exchange for reopening the institution if he wins this year’s presidential election next month.

There can be no doubt that the Post Newspaper has the capacity to offend the ruling party’s leadership with impunity.

It is desperate to covertly continue publishing stories skewed in favour of the UPND for obvious reasons.

The controversy led to its publishing the purported UPND-touting police officers in one of its editions.

After reading the story about the purportedly UPND-touting police officers, one might have understood why most of us, both law-abiding civilians and security officers, lack the capacity to forgive or forget the monumental tax-dodging crimes committed against the Zambian people by the Post Newspaper.

Mubanga Luchembe, LUSAKA


Nepotism not wanted in Zambia

Dear Editor,

I write with disgust that nepotism could have been the cause of death for the late President Mr Sata.

We all know that Mr Sata was sick , but during the reign of President Mr Mwanawasa, he was air lifted to South Africa for treatment.

Thanks to President Mwanawasa who showed true humility and love.

Now if we may ask ourselves a question.  Mr Sata become the President, what could have prevented him going to South Africa for treatment? We need to change government in order to investigate the death of Mr Chiluba and Mr Sata which appears too suspicious from an investigative eye.

May the departed soles rest in peace.  It is the living soles to investigate and come up with the truth.  It is not good to ride on others backs.

Morris Lungu, Chipata


2016 campaigns more expensive than previous


May I respond to the author who said PF’s campaigns are more expensive than Rupiah’s, dated Monday 25th July 2016. The author Bishop Boniface Msiska of Kapiri Mposhi was not sincere in that these elections are far different than the previous ones because 2016 elections will be conducted under a new constitution which every political party contesting wants to avoid a re-run for fear of spending more money. To me it’s good to spend now to avoid more expenditure in case there is need for a re-run.

Lawrence Tembo,Lusaka