Today’s text messages

Vote wisely on August 11


I am urging fellow Zambians to vote wisely in the August 11th general elections as the political climate indicates no wind of change. This means that the PF are delivering development and I have no doubt the boat will cross over.

Sakala Michael,



 Leave Nawakwi alone


I can’t make sense of Edward Mumba’s demand for Nawakwi to apologize to the people of Chambishi for privatizing Chambishi mine. Granted the privatization process may have been flawed, it is soothing to note that NFC and China Non Ferrous Metals are still present and providing employment to people of Chambishi unlike some well-known firm that disappeared.




HH needs deliverance


When all loving Zambians were praying for the peace of this nation before, during and after elections, HH was busy insulting and encouraging violence. What kind of leader is he going to be? This time around we need prayers of deliverance so that HH is delivered.

God bless Zambia.

Edgar Chishimba


This is for Kitwe council


The new building adjacent to Shoprite in town is an eye sore. I wonder how Kitwe City Council allowed such an unpleasant structure to be built in the middle of town; such a structure should be at the industrial area not in town.

Disappointed Kitwe resident


ECL will carry the day on August 11


My prayer is that God will lead Zambia. President Lungu is a good man, people don’t want to say thank you but I love President Lungu. Let’s play a good game. I wish if I could meet my lovely President he has my heart. 11th August is for Lungu. PF members should not worry. Let’s pray for Zambia to be a peaceful country. I wish to greet you with my bare hands.

Zambian son, Harrison Mwenda,




M’membe should just pay that tax


I have said it before and it’s documented in our vibrant paper the Daily Nation. I said the cartel consists of unintelligent people who can’t focus beyond their noses. The events that occurred at the Post prove that. The Catholic Church is an advocate of justice and fair play. Zambians, if I may ask, is tax evasion what the Catholic Church believe in? The truth is M’membe is a ne’er-do-well who needs no sympathy. If ZRA is wrong, ask Chris Tucker and Nicholas Cage what IRS has done to them.

Micky, Lusaka


The cry of school pupil


I would like to sincerely appeal to our parents, brothers and sisters to vote wisely this August. As school going pupils and future leaders, we don’t want to risk our education by voting for wrong leaders.

N. Mwanza, head boy,

Ndeke Secondary School in Lusaka