UPND warns of chaos

…if the PF will rig election results

THE United Party for National Development has threatened that there shall be chaos in the country should the Patriotic Front dare rig the August 11 general elections.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma claimed that PF was planning to rig next month’s elections and threatened that Zambians would rise should the ruling party try to manipulate the elections.

“The PF want to rig elections and after they have rigged, they want us to remain calm, but that will not happen. It will not even be UPND members that they will be battling with, but just mere Zambians. As a matter of fact, PF are also psycologically preparing the Zambian people to be peaceful while they are rigging.

“But we warn them that they should not take the Zambian people for granted because the people will not accept the elections to be rigged even if they were peaceful people. Let them not test the patience of the Zambian people,” Mr. Kakoma said.

He called on the ruling PF to put the interest of the country first rather than that of the party, saying that the country could easily degenerate into lawlessness.

According to him, the PF as the party in power should create an enabling environment where the elections would be peaceful, credible, free and fair.

“If the elections are free and fair, there will be no problem. Then nobody will react, the winner will just celebrate and the defeated people will congratulate them. But if they expect the Zambian people to be quiet while they are rigging, then they are joking,” he said.

Mr. Kakoma also expressed confidence that the UPND would emerge victorious in the polls.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that the party was receiving massive support from Zambians countrywide, reiterating that PF should not rig the elections.

“Those who are going to vote for UPND are not just party members; others are from other political parties and others do not even belong to any political party at all; but they want to see that their vote is protected and their vote has meaning, not be stolen; so they (PF) should not try to rig,” Mr. Kakoma said.

7 thoughts on “UPND warns of chaos

  1. When the frogs that were hiding in a hole saw the bulls fighting at a distance, they panicked and yelled “the bulls will come to crush us” Bembas say “Bachula basakamana ulubuli lwa ng’ombe”. What does this mean?

    The UPND have seen that PF is recapturing the crowd where they had been before with Mr. GBM and the only consolation is to cry foul that PF wants to rig elections when the fact is far from happening. Don’t go into the pitch, a ring with a negative intention against your opponent. Bad carpenters always blame their tools so pliz try next year again don’t spoil our votes for PF

  2. Kakoma is UPND spokesperson and has no right to speak on our behalf as Zambians, which Zambians is he speaking on their behalf?

  3. Kakoma unazaluki which zambians can do that when everyone knows hh has lost elections.dont feel what pipo are not feeling. Yo violence language makes lungu popu to us its like voting for fear hh or hope ecl vote ecl

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