Blessed are the sugar daddies, say girls

THE continued trend of young girls involving themselves with older men popularly known as ‘’blessers’’ – who until now were called sugar daddies – has raised concern among some Lusaka women who have charged that the trend is immoral and it should not be encouraged.

The women have complained that young girls no longer respect and consider their elders as parents because of the trend that has gone viral.

They have complained that the habit of young women going out with older men calling them ‘‘blessers’’ is shameful to society and the nation at large.

Josephine Zulu, a resident of Mtendere township, said that it was not right for young girls to be involving themselves with men who were old enough to be their parents.

Ms. Zulu said that young girls have lost respect for their elders because they now drink and mingle with them.

She said there was urgent need for traditional counselors to intervene and ensure that they start educating young girls on the dangers of them involving themselves with older men.

Ms. Zulu said that the trend of having ‘‘blessers’’ which has been welcome by some people in society was regrettable because it led to broken homes which will lead to a lot of children left homeless and vulnerable.

She said young girls should learn to control themselves and realize the consequences of their actions and behaviour.

‘’It is saddening to see how these young girls are able to go around talking and boasting about ‘blessers’ with no remorse or conscience. We are concerned as older women;  what has gone wrong with our society? Where have we gone wrong as parents and role models for our young girls,’’ he said.

But Linda Kafula, a resident of Kalingalinga, said that men should also ensure that they do not take advantage of young girls by giving them material things.

Ms. Kafula said that ‘‘men also have the responsibility of ensuring that they protect these young girls and treat them as if they are their own daughters’’.

She said men have an obligation to be good examples to young girls and not exploit them without remorse.

‘’The men need to understand that they are parents and they should be considerate of these young girls for they could be their own daughters and society should not just put the blame on the young girls but also the men who are proud to call themselves ‘‘Blessers’,’’ she said.

-Millennium Radio, 90.5FM

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