HH, GBM booed

GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) was at the weekend booed by residents of the Copperbelt after his rally scheduled in the Chipulukusu area was cancelled following the killing of a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre by suspected UPND cadres.

And yesterday, Hakainde Hichilema and his motorcade were equally booed as he sneaked into Chifubu Twonship in Ndola and failed to address a rally because of the hostile reception from the people in the area.

Mr Hichilema landed in Chifubu and left minutes later without addressing the rally.

Mr Mwamba, the UPND presidential running mate, was scheduled to hold a rally in Chipulukusu but instead of entering the area in grand style and with pomp, the opposition leader was greeted by hostilities as the residents booed him and his entourage.

The Zambia Police had earlier cancelled his rally but Mr Mwamba ignored police advice and decided to enter Chipulukusu where angry residents most of them raising the PF symbol, jeered him.

The residents threatened to take the funeral procession of the late Mr Mwale to Mr Mwamba’s rally if the police were going to allow the Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate to go ahead with the meeting.

The residents said Chipulukusu was mourning the gruesome murder of Mr Mwale and it was politically and morally wrong for Mr Mwamba


to decide to hold a political rally in the area.

The residents were heard shouting at Mr Mwamba and demanded that he should immediately leave Chipulukusu and accused the UPND  of allegedly  causing the death of Chris Mwale, a bricklayer.

Mr Mwale was murdered in Chipulukusu in Ndola after he had gone to rescue a neighbour, Shadrick Mwenya.

In svideo footage that has gone viral, residents of Chipulukusu most of them PF supporters are seen taunting and mocking Mr Mwamba as he drove past the crowd of people.

The residents and the PF supporters could be heard in the video demanding that Mr Mwamba should immediately leave Chipulukusu because he (Mwamba) together with the UPND was unwanted in the area.

Mr Mwamba’s rally in Chipulukusu was scheduled for Saturday but was cancelled by police because of fears that violent clashes could have erupted following the murder of Mr Mwale.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the cancellation of the permit and informed the organisers not to go ahead because of security concerns.

Ms. Katanga said the police advised the UPND to propose another date on which Mr Mwamba’s campaign rally could be held.

Ms Katanga said the police cancelled the rally because of the burial procession of Mr Mwale who was murdered by unknown people.

“You know, there is a rumour going round that the deceased was murdered by UPND cadres. So obviously the police was concerned about the security of the people, hence the decision to cancel the rally permits,” she said. Mr Mwale was put to rest on Saturday.

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  1. jkanyelele says:

    If there pipo who dull GBV is first.u decide to eat with pipo killing yo pipo are u normal?pipo killed are either bemba or easterners and GBV is smiling.pipo wakeup it will soon be libya or iraq if u vote these into power


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